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International Marketing Systems (IMS)/American Restaurant Marketing Group (ARMG) develops Franchising Programs/System Marketing Plans; support tools and materials for clients that are growth oriented. Our “retail network” clients require marketing and planning support. In many instances, we function as a supplement to the marketing department of our clients, who have streamlined organizations and wish not to get top heavy in the staffing of their marketing and franchising departments.

IMS/ARMG creates and then links communications, promotional, marketing and human resource efforts among organizations’ employees and customers, in order to enhance sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

IMS/ARMG designs and implements field marketing systems and programs for multi-unit businesses who have from three to thirty thousand locations. We create vertically-integrated strategies and programs that promote our clients’ corporate cultures and sales goals to employees and customers.

We craft realistic, measurable programs in the trenches at the cash register level, ensuring the realization of total customer satisfaction through customer service fulfillment.

Corporations can spend fortunes on product development and advertising, but results are either achieved or lost at each cash register. International Marketing Systems specializes in the execution of the sales, advertising, promotion and corporate mission of our clients.

IMS/ARMG analyzes, or helps develop, the organizational, business and marketing plans of companies as the preliminary step in supplying guidance on ultimately entering into the franchising method of business expansion. We then plan with our clients all next steps, business and marketing needs for effectively organizing and supporting a franchise operation. In areas where called upon, IMS/ARMG helps execute the Franchising/Marketing/Business Operating Plan.


Areas of Specialties:

• Retail field marketing systems
• Franchising and licensing business systems
• Franchisee/franchisor relationships
• Research, analysis and strategic planning
• Service delivery systems
• Quality assurance systems
• Human resource systems and skills development
• Local store marketing systems, curricula, and execution
• Retail network marketing and expansion plans
• Field network communications
• Professional Development Seminars

Lamar D. Berry
Founder and Chairman

Lamar Berry, author of The Power of Internal Marketing, has nearly four decades of senior management experience in marketing, advertising and the development of corporate cultures. Expansion, licensing and distribution systems development are areas of expertise.

Before founding International Marketing Systems in the late 1980’s, as Chief Marketing Officer of Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken and Biscuits (1970’s and 1980’s), Lamar built its field marketing and brand management systems from the ground up. He also directed the brand development creative positioning, and award winning advertising for the bold new concept that catapulted Popeyes to the number two position in the category. During Lamar’s marketing tenure, Popeyes went from a handful of stores in New Orleans to nearly 1,000 facilities worldwide with annual sales approaching $1 billion. Lamar was an integral catalyst to Al Copeland’s franchise organizations' birth and growth.

Earlier in his career, Lamar was a founding partner of the regional advertising agency Brown, Berry & Goodwin. With national accounts (such as Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Avco Embassy and Paramount), Brown, Berry & Goodwin quickly became recognized as a leader in the areas of field promotion, entertainment marketing and media/publicity “leveraging.”

While heading up IMS/American Restaurant Marketing Group, Lamar created the originating “Star Mart” convenience store brand and franchise distribution system for the Texaco Petroleum Company. Between 1995-2005, he helped deploy versions of it into the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, Central/South America, Brazil and the Caribbean. Later, he led the IMS team in creating and deploying Texaco’s Global Brand Management System into 50 countries.

Lamar has worked extensively with King Features Syndicate/Hearst Communications Corporation (the largest licensor of comic characters in the world) with various brand development and promotional concepts; and, has created field promotional events for numerous entertainment organizations and packaged goods companies.

Frequently a speaker on university campuses, television and radio talk shows and professional conferences, Lamar appeared as a guest speaker and key panelist at the National Restaurant Association's National Marketing Convention on board the Queen Mary in California and as the featured speaker for the 7th Annual American Marketing Association's "International Collegiate Conference." Lamar sits on the University of New Orleans Advisory Board which advises on curriculum development in the Liberal Arts College.


Gary Dickson

Gary has amassed experience in almost every marketing and sales discipline. Starting with the Pillsbury Company, his career path took him from sales and marketing management to positions as national sales promotion manager and product marketing manager.

Then the “entrepreneur” bug bit. Gary ventured into the marketing/advertising agency side of the business, managing client acquisition and developing strategic plans and campaigns. In the packaged goods area, client responsibilities included TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce, coffee companies, rice and cooking oil brands, and DIXIE beer. Retail brands included McDonald’s and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. He then led the marketing, sales and client services effort for a direct response firm specializing in sophisticated lead generation and customer service for clients like American Express, USAA, Long John Silvers and KFC.

As President of IMS, Gary applies this diverse expertise to the strategic planning and management of internal marketing initiatives for all IMS clients.

Micah Moore
Executive Vice President
Hospitality, Restaurant, Systems and Management

Micah has been a restaurant professional for over 30 years for companies like TGI Fridays(Carlson Restaurants), Steak & Ale, Al Copeland Investments and Brinker International. Micah has been a leader in many restaurant situations including restaurant openings, turnaround specialist, new concept start up and systems implementation.

Currently Micah has over 10 years of multi-unit supervision from Area Director to Director of Operations and experienced with company formations, guest relations, unit level marketing, procurement and vendor relations. Micah also has experience in the food manufacturing, distribution and wine imports.

Prior to joining IMS, Micah started a franchise company with several locations in 2 states and also partnered in forming a restaurant consulting group that operates in 4 states.

Kevin Anderson
Executive Vice President
Hospitality, Restaurant, Systems and Management

Before coming to International Marketing Systems, Kevin spent nearly 35 years in domestic and international hospitality field operations as a multiunit executive for “world class” iconic brands such as TGI Fridays and PF Chang’s. His responsibilities included all areas of operational performance, leadership and team member selection, training and development, financial performance improvements, multimillion dollar budgeting, external and internal marketing, business administration, site selection and development up and through opening.

During his 28 years in various executive positions with TGI Fridays, Kevin was instrumental in opening up the Pacific Rim marketplace with the first “Casual American Brand” in Taipei, Taiwan. Breaking every sales and profit record in the history of the company at this opening, this single unit spawned an development outbreak of over 150 TGI Friday’s locations in the countries of Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia and many other Southeast Asia countries.

As a turnaround operations specialist, Kevin takes a unique hands on approach to results focused problem solving with a “run it like you own it” philosophy.

Due to this style he has been awarded many Carlson awards for performance including TGI Fridays highest performance award – the prestigious - 5 Diamond Gold Star as well as being inducted into the Carlson Families “Legacy” program.

Joining IMS in 2014, Kevin will take this wealth of operational expertise and talents honed in the world of hospitality to develop strategic and creative solutions that will have the most productive impact for all of IMS clients.

Peter Jens
Marketing Director-Europe

Peter Jens professional journey from architectural and financial engineering to financial behaviourism took him into the area of effective marketing, advertising and promotions. His intellectual and cultural curiosity offers practical insights on how people act and how they spend their money.

He began his career managing market-entry projects for manufacturing companies in Asia, South America and Europe (Danzas, Dutch Rail, Renault, Dexia, Makro and MGI) and now manages overseas projects for IMS.

Kathy McNamara
Vice President Production/Logistics and Administration

Kathy has over fifteen years experience in print production and the trafficking and coordination of marketing activities. Kathy has managed the production of print advertising and marketing support materials ranging from single advertisements to full campaigns.

Upon joining IMS in 1989, her first task was to establish and implement a communications network for Texaco Latin America/West Africa, linking marketing personnel in over 35 countries. Most recently, she directed and managed the development and production of support materials for Texaco's global brand management initiative, encompassing 64 pieces of collateral produced in three languages. Kathy's ability to coordinate a wide range of activities in minute detail is key to the implementation and execution of internal marketing systems for all IMS clients.

Sally Rodman
Vice President, Creative Services

For over fifteen years, Sally held account management and creative positions in advertising agencies both large and small. Her career began at Benton & Bowles in New York City, where she was an assistant account executive on the Texaco business. Following a brief stint at a subsidiary of Darcy, McManus & Masius on the U.S. Treasury account, Sally's writing talents and natural inclinations led her to the "creative" side of the business.

After moving to New Orleans in 1984, she held copywriter and broadcast producer positions at local advertising agencies, writing and producing award-winning advertising for clients such as Louisiana Power & Light and Ruth's Chris Steak House. Joining IMS as Creative Director in 1989, Sally has applied expertise and talents honed in the world of advertising to develop strategic creative positioning and impactful and motivating internal communications for IMS clients.


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